Teaching Experencies and Offers
Description of the lecture

Financing and Investment (12/2011)

The investment decision process (management of capital structure) is the main focus. The course structure followed the structure of the balance sheet. Based on the asset structure (use of capital) the capital structure (raising capital) is discussed. This is followed by the treatment of the financial analysis and financial planning. The theoretical aspects are exercised by using case studies.

Global Logistics Network
(05/2011 and 03/2012)

The increase in the international division of labor and ever-growing economic interdependence has led to the development of a global value-added network of great complexity. The establishment and configuration of logistics systems occupies a key position as a result of the internationalization strategies implemented by representatives from industry and trade. The process focuses on the development of success strategies in the internationalization of logistic systems.
The student will come to understand areas of operation, as well as inter-enterprise logistic strategies and logistics processes, and will be able to plan, control and monitor such processes. Furthermore, he will be able to make outsourcing decisions.

Introduction to Transport Economies
(10/2005 - 03/2009)

The lecture offers a modern introduction to the basics of transport economics and provides a survey of current developments of road and rail transportation as well as of inland and maritime navigation. The general part of the lecture focuses on the importance of transport economics. Current trends in transportation policies are considered. Furthermore, the competition determinants are analysed which influence considerably the development of supply and demand in transport markets.

International Transport- and Logistics Management
(10/2005 - 03/2009)

Tools to analyse international transport and logistics networks and basic knowledge necessary to handle international transport and logistics operations are taught. Starting with basic economic theories considering the topics of globalisation and the manifestation of multinationals, the course then introduces concepts for the development of international logistics networks and discusses the problems arising from dispersed supply chains. Central topics here are the inter-cultural challenge and the necessity of risk management (financial/operational hedging).


The second part focuses on the most important trading regulations, trade and customs practises and international financial transactions are also explained. The course concludes with an analysis of the framework for international inter- or intra mode competition.

Seminar on Current Topics in Transportation Science and Logistics Management

The course has two main objectives. First, the students are meant to learn how to write a scientific paper, the other is to discuss topical subjects in transport science and logistics management. Students have to present the papers in the classroom, followed by a discussion of the topic covered and relating aspects.

Presentation and Talks

Planning and Management of Transport Networks

Fachhochschule Salzburg, Logistik und Operations Management, Puch/Salzburg, Februar 2015

Network for Freight Transportation

Universität Hamburg, Fakultät für Betriebswirtschaft, Institut für Verkehrswirtschaft, Hamburg, Januar 2015

Supply Chain Risks - robust planning process

ETH Zürich, Chair of Sociology in particular of Modeling and Simulation, Zürich, Juni 2014

Die Zukunft der Regionalflughäfen in Deutschland

"Verkehrswissenschaftliches Zukunftsforum" DVWG Junges Forum, Berlin, Oktober 2013

Erfahrungen bei der Konzeption und Implementierung des Luftfrachtsicherheitsprogramms "Bekannter Versender"

Einkaufs- und Beschaffungstreffen "Ostwestfalen-Lippe Kreis", Lippstadt, Juli 2013

Market entry strategies in the Asian automotive market

Rotary Club Heiligendamm, Grand Hotel Heiligendamm, März 2013

Entwicklungen im asiatischen Logistikmarkt

Hochschule Wismar, Bereich Seefahrt, Warnemünde, März 2013

Behind the airport terminal - Managing and using information systems

Handelshochschule Leipzig (HHL), Leipzig Graduate School of Management, Lecture IT-Logistics, Januar 2012

Strategische Marketing - am Beispiel eine internationalen Verkehrsflughafens

Technische Hochschule Wildau (FH), Vorlesung Luftfahrttechnik/Luftfahrtlogistik, Wildau, Nov. 2011

Issues in airport management

WU Wien, Vorlesung Einführung in die Transportwirtschaft, Wien, Oktober, 2011

Management von Verkehrsinfrastrukturen - öffentliche Daseinsvorsorge vs. Eigenwirtschaftlichkeit

Hochschule Wismar, Bereich Seefahrt, Warnemünde, März 2011

Management von Verkehrsinfrastrukturen

WU Wien, Vorlesung Einführung in die Transportwirtschaft, Wien, Oktober, 2010

Standortplanungsmethoden im Überblick

SALT Solutions GmbH, Dresden, Januar 2010

Standortplanung unter Konkurrenzbedingungen – am Beispiel von Paketshopsystemen in Dresden

QBWL Workshop, Jena, Mar., 2007


WU Wien, Vorlesung E-Logistik, Wien, Mai, 2007

Standortoptimierung für KEP-Dienstleister im Bereich der Letzten Meile

WU Wien, Vorlesung E-Logistik, Wien, Juli, 2006

Absatzpotentialmaximierende Standortplanung für innerstädtische Paketshops – am Beispiel Dresdens

Jahrestagung DGfG-Arbeitskreis „Geographische Handelsforschung“ und „Verkehr“, Erfurt, Juni, 2006

Filialnetzplanung für KEP-Dienstleister

QBWL Workshop, Moritzburg, Mar., 2006

E-Logistics - an introduction

TU Budapest, Budapest, Dez. 2004

Determinants of Electronic Integration in Freight Forwarder Networks

NOFOMA, Linköping, Schweden, April 2004